The Tech Industry 2021 Product of the Year


Well, this is my last column for the year 2021, and it has been an incredible year. We anticipated a difficult year in 2020. However, I believe that we could all agree that this year has not been exactly a breath of fresh air — and we still have more than a week left to see what the world has in store for us.

At the end of each year, I try to choose a product that has really impressed me or one that I have discovered I cannot live without, such as my Ooler bed heater/cooler, which helps me sleep better at night.

This year, though, I will choose the device that either most effectively reduced the challenges we are now experiencing or that entered the market and triggered a technological revolution.

Let’s have a look at the two leading candidates.

Nvidia’s Omniverse and Earth 2 are the first contenders.

Fortunately, we have seen the creation of a new world known as the metaverse, a place where we may do simulations and where Nvidia has introduced Omniverse, the ultimate toolbox for creating a metaverse. Now, since it is not yet ready for general usage, the metaverse is being overhyped at this point. This software is mainly used for the emulation and simulation of the actual world.

However, the most significant announcement made by Nvidia this year was the establishment of Earth 2, a comprehensive metaverse simulation of the Earth that would be used to evaluate better what will be the most effective strategy to prevent climate change. Are carbon capture and sequestration, switching from gas to electric-powered transportation, transitioning away from beef and toward alternative synthetic meats, or large-scale weather control among the initiatives being explored in China?

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We could better determine which combination of practices will have the most significant impact on protecting us from the climate damage we have contributed to for decades if we used Earth 2 to simulate planetary implications. It should also provide far earlier warnings of catastrophic weather events such as tornadoes and earthquakes if we used Earth 2.

Furthermore, Earth 2 should contribute to the development of significantly different architectural codes, allowing our buildings to endure the fury of nature better. My disappointment is that the original Disney/Monsanto House of the Future, erected in the 1950s and never copied, is considerably better suited for today’s terrible weather conditions than any contemporary design now in construction (these by Blu Homes do come close). Perhaps utilizing Earth 2 to demonstrate what might happen if we do not build responsibly for the future will persuade us to adopt a more cautious approach in our future construction.

My aim is that this will spur us to construct more fire-resistant structures in fire-prone regions, better flood-resistant structures in flood-prone areas, and better earthquake-resistant structures in places along fault lines, all of which will help reduce the risk of disaster. Climate change mitigation and adaptation are both possible with Earth 2. Earth 2 can help us reduce climate change and assist us in adapting to it so that weather disasters do not cause as much harm in the future as they have this year.

BlackBerry AtHoc is the second contender.

As a result of Covid and weather-related calamities, there has never been a time when it has been more critical to monitor the health and safety of workers than it is right now. Businesses all across the globe are suffering from acute workforce shortages, which means that each employee is significantly more critical to the company than they were in previous years. Additionally, there is the natural impulse to look after our folks.

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AtHoc on BlackBerry offers a way for management to warn and monitor workers in danger and give assistance to such employees as required to ensure that they are kept safe.

To better coordinate protection measures in the event of a protest or school shooting, this technology might be used in commercial and government institutions, such as schools, to handle hazards associated with such events.

In these difficult economic circumstances, I believe that every firm should be using a product like AtHoc to assure their employees and because it is the right thing to do in general. Employees tend to reward loyalty with more loyalty, so making an effort to keep them safe should yield enormous benefits.

Earth 2 and the Omniverse

Given the issues we confront, AtHoc would generally be my product of the year based on its compassion for individuals. However, addressing the root causes of the problem that puts these people in danger demands a worldwide solution. The Earth 2 project, based on Nvidia Omniverse, is an example of such an initiative.

If we can lessen the overarching danger to our planet, we will not be in such urgent need of a product like AtHoc. Nvidia Omniverse is my choice due to its Earth 2 endeavor, which is why I choose it. It emphasizes the potential of the metaverse — which is a thing for the year 2022 — to significantly enhance the world around us while also eliminating much of the harm to humans that presently exists today.

As a result, Nvidia Omniverse, specifically as it pertains to the building of Earth 2, is my product of the year.

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In 2022, I’ll have another conversation with you. Keep yourself safe and have a wonderful Christmas season!


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