Here’s what happened when Mercedes-AMG got its hands on the all-electric EQS


The automaker’s performance division also took on the SL Roadster

There had the deep fog to contend with first. There was also the snow to contend with. However, the bad weather affected the AMG versions of Mercedes’ flagship EV and its current generation SL.

Even when the AMG team gets their hands on the Mercedes EQS and the current SL Roadster, the performance, luxury, comfort, and technology all meet or exceed the expectations.

The Mercedes-Benz AMG SL Roadster of 2022 retains a spark of the spirit that surrounded the original 300 SL Roadster, which was debuted in the late 1950s. Unlike the previous convertible, which served as the preferred mode of transportation for Hollywood’s golden period elite, it’s easy to see Clooney, Mirren, and Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike pulling up to a red carpet event behind the wheel of the latest convertible.

And, if the Bondish AMG SL Roadster has its origins in the last century, the AMG EQS is a modern marvel. It’s all about using all of today’s technology to achieve a goal – but still doing it in flair, as in the case of the Roadster.

AMG SL Roadster and AMG EQS are both new models, and although they share much of the same technology at their heart, there is a significant difference between the two cars.

The terrifying roar of the SL is replaced in the EQS by a collection of sounds that have been produced. When it comes to quick EV torque, the EQS has no match for the SL’s massive displacement and turbos, which are no match for the EV’s launch capability.

Mercedes-Benz will continue to manufacture engines for its AMG series until the very end of time. The AMG EQS does not have a handmade electric motor like the other AMG models. A technician’s signature will not appear on a battery pack since the battery pack is sealed. Meanwhile, the quantity of dirt sent into the environment by the EQS is a minuscule fraction of the amount of pollution emitted into our atmosphere by the V8 roadster throughout its existence.

2022 Mercedes AMG EQS

When it comes to a vehicle designed to be luxurious initially, there is a risk that it will be partially destroyed if it receives the performance treatment unless a sedan’s primary aim is to pamper the driver and passengers by tightening the ride and remapping the accelerator such that every tiny touch results in a neck snap, the vehicle is not effectively performing its mission.

Fans of EQS who wish to progress quicker should take it easy. That has not occurred in this case. It’s the first electric AMG to arrive in the United States, and it expertly blends the best of the electric luxury sedan with some tweaks from the AMG team to provide a unique driving experience.

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With an increase in power of up to 751 horsepower and 752-pound feet of torque (an increase of 133 horsepower and 69-pound feet of torque over the EQS580), the premium electric car feels noticeably faster than its non-AMG cousin, according to the manufacturer. When an internal force blasts into your spine, you go from zero to sixty seconds faster.

2022 Mercedes AMG EQS

Upgrades were made to more than just the two electric motors on the sled. Modifications to the cooling system, wiring, and battery management system of the 107.8-kWh capacity pack on the AMG model also enable the car to operate at top performance for a more extended period in Sport and Sport Plus modes. During my journey from Palm Springs to Los Angeles, I never experienced any loss of power, despite performing many acceleration tests.

This increase is accompanied by the addition of new acceleration-coupled noises in the car, referred to as the AMG sound experience. These EV sounds are something I like listening to. While they are artificial, they successfully reproduce the audio sensation of unexpected bursts of speed.

AMG ride control air suspension with active dampeners is used with increased power output. Combining this with a 4-wheel-drive system and up to nine degrees of rear-wheel steering, tackling hairpin curves at high speed becomes a controlled and stunning experience, especially given the size and mass of the vehicle in question. Although there is some body roll, it is far less than what I have experienced on the average EQS.

Apart from the many hardware and software adjustments that have been made to improve performance and the new Sport Plus mode, there is yet another new mode that I was fortunate enough to be allowed to try out. It became possible for me to utilize that AMG Slippery mode as we progressed further up into the mountains throughout the journey, and the road changed from black to gray to snow-covered white as we did so. When driving on ice and snow, the AMG EQS performed well, with any traction issues being brief and more than likely the consequence of the vehicle being equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport EV summer tires.

While selecting the wheels for this driving program, Mercedes was anticipating dry roads and, if not sunny weather, then at the very least dry conditions. Mother Nature, on the other hand, had other ideas. Even those worried about driving on frozen water would have been more at peace if the AMG EQS had been equipped with winter or all-season tires.

Except for a few AMG flourishes here and there, the interior is the same as before, with the latest MBUX infotainment system and its massive 56-inch Hyperscreen, which includes a 12.3-inch instrument cluster, a 17.7-inch touchscreen display, and a 12.3-inch passenger display, among other things. All of these features are included with the AMG trim level. The Zero Layer interface, which provides a map with widgets of elements that appear and disappear as required, is also included in the presentation.

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The voice assistant is the crown gem of MBUX, and it is constantly evolving. “Hey Mercedes” and the Zero Layer interface are the gold standard for what other manufacturers should try to achieve in the car. A powerful voice-activated navigation tool that works in conjunction with a more focused screen.

In more than a few instances, I discovered that I should ask the car to do the task I wanted instead of seeking a function. Other features, such as media controls, which in previous-generation Mercedes needed many taps to go to the next song, were instantly available in the Zero Layer interface, which hovered above the navigation screen.

As with the SL Roadster, the combination of voice assistant and Zero Layer results in a better infotainment experience, but I’m still perplexed why Mercedes designed the screen so large that the steering wheel obstructs it. While it’s true that they shifted all of the widgets, it’s still a strange choice that goes beyond the ability to claim, “Hey, look how huge we made that display.”

2022 Mercedes AMG SL

Even though the AMG SL 63 has up to 577 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque (on the 63-inch wheels), the AMG SL offers even at modest speeds (due to fog, as previously mentioned) a luxurious top-down driving experience that is unmatched in the luxury-performance segment.

The AMG SL 55 Roadster with 469 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque and the more powerful AMG SL 63 Roadster, both of which will be available via Mercedes dealers, will be available for purchase. Powered by customized 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engines, both are equipped with the automaker’s all-wheel-drive 4Matic+ technology and are available in two configurations.

Its remarkable and well-behaved power delivered either at a standstill or when overtaking slower cars is the product of all that displacement combined with turbochargers. The AMG SL 63 may be the more powerful vehicle. Still, the AMG SL 55 is almost certainly the better choice because there are very few situations in which all of the extra horsepower and torque are even useful in the first place.

Furthermore, it’s the least potent SL Roadster you’ll be able to purchase from this generation. According to Mercedes, a non-performance version of the roadster is not on the horizon. Instead, the company has determined to ensure that this car, when it is not tearing down canyons, runs as smoothly and luxuriously as any other Mercedes vehicle. During my examinations, I determined that they are around 85 percent complete.

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The AMG SL Roadster provides a practically smooth ride on ordinary suburban and urban roads. Still, its performance underpinnings serve as a subtle reminder that this is not an S-Class. Bumps, ruts, and potholes will be felt on the road, as well as some other obstacles. Fortunately, the car’s handling is excellent, especially on rain-slicked roads where the wheels remained firmly glued to the tarmac with just the slightest hint of oversteer that showed only when you pushed the vehicle. On rural roads and in town, the steering is precise and sensitive without being twitchy, and the addition of rear-wheel steering gives the sensation of being a smaller car.

2022 Mercedes AMG SL

Mercedes has also equipped the SL with the most recent version of its MBUX infotainment system, which includes the Zero Layer option as standard. Because of the possibility of glare from the sun, the 11.9-inch touchscreen display may be rotated back and forth from 12 to 32 degrees as an additional advantage. Reflections from the sun are also a contributing factor to the 12.3-inch instrument cluster’s inclusion of an integrated visor. Unfortunately, none of them were required during my cloudy and foggy journey.

Mercedes-Benz has created an actual convertible sports vehicle, the SL Roadster, that is packed with the company’s most advanced technologies. Neither the performance nor the technology of the car, nor the two aspects of the vehicle, contradict one other. It’s a mutually beneficial connection. In a nutshell, it’s the James Bond of automobiles. Despite his tuxedo, he has a wild side and is always prepared to execute the assignment successfully with the newest gadget.

Having driven the AMG EQS and SL cars back-to-back over two days, it’s been intriguing to see how AMG vehicles are transitioning into the future. Like the company itself, Mercedes-AMG is planning to transition to a 100% electric vehicle fleet by the year 2030.

What’s most surprising is that, while driving the first generation SL 300 Roadster, I was able to ponder about the future. It looked like something out of a science fiction movie at the time of its debut. Mercedes-Benz is expected to unveil another AMG SL at some time shortly. If the company continues to perfect its EV technology at the rate it is now doing so, it will almost certainly be just as trailblazing and electrified as the last model.

It will also have no trouble driving in snow, even when rolled down the top.


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