Gmail Crosses 10 Billion Installs On Android, Fourth Google App To Do So


The Gmail program has become the fourth Google application on Android ever to reach 10 billion installations, surpassing the previous three. In addition to Google Play Services, YouTube, and Google Maps. Since Google has made it a habit to preinstall Google goods on a large number of Android phones and tablets, Google’s Gmail app has become the latest in a long line of Google applications to cross the 10 billion download milestone.

Android users have been enjoying Gmail since it was first introduced in 2004, and it has been a popular choice amongst them ever since. As well as serving as the default app on many new Android phones today, the Gmail app has also established itself over time as a critical component in the arsenal of productivity tools for students and professionals who exchange files and messages regularly. Today’s updates to the program include a slew of new capabilities that elevate it above its original function as an email client. Integrating primary Google services like Meet and Hangouts has transformed it into a comprehensive communication platform for businesses and consumers alike.

As Gmail has matured over the years, the company has also introduced several competing products, which may have hindered the company’s pace toward reaching the ten billion-install milestone. Included in this product is Google’s Inbox app, which gained widespread popularity following its first release but was later discontinued for various reasons. The Gmail Lite app, a lighter version of the main Gmail app that provides all significant capabilities equivalent to the original Gmail app for lower-end devices such as entry-level budget smartphones, is also included on the list of alternatives.

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The ability to recall emails within different time frames is one of the most exciting features available on the Gmail web interface and mobile applications. Users can choose between periods ranging from five to ten, twenty, or thirty seconds to cancel a sent email instead of the previous standard five-second window for users to recall a message sent in error.

Although there is no indication as to which of the currently accessible Google applications will surpass the 10 billion mark, rumors on the internet suggest that the Chrome Browser for Android may be on its way to achieving that milestone. Currently, the popular browser is one of the most frequent things to find on every Android phone, and it is also the default browser software on many phones from various manufacturers. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available, thanks to its fast loading times, excellent tab management, and ever-growing feature set that consumers never get bored of.


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