Crystal Palace boss Patrick Vieira angered by Liverpool penalty


Patrick Vieira, the manager of Crystal Palace, said that referee Kevin Friend “killed our legs” by giving Liverpool a disputed late penalty in the team’s 1-0 loss to Liverpool on Sunday.

After the VAR instructed him to review his first judgment not to award a penalty, Friend determined that goalkeeper Vicente Guaita had fouled Liverpool’s Diogo Jota.

Even though Fabinho’s penalty gave the Reds a 3-1 victory, Match of the Day host Gary Lineker described the judgment as “appalling.”

“I’m quite dissatisfied with the decision,” Vieira expressed his disappointment.

In an interview with BBC Sport, the 45-year-old Palace manager added: “It is something I have seen many times, and it is never a punishment. The incorrect decision made by the referee had a significant influence on the outcome of the game. You should request that the referee speak with you and explain their judgment in person.” Jota was, in my opinion, really astute. Football is all about making contact with the opponent. The officials have met with us and informed us that football is a contact sport, with contact being a natural aspect of the game. And now they’ve gotten it completely wrong.” As soon as we scored, we had the opportunity to go back into the game and try to salvage a draw. However, the referee took our legs out from under us today.”

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp fired jota. “VAR believed it was a penalty, and that is why the referee went to the screen, so I’m not sure what we’re talking about now,” he said. Four people viewed it.”

Ridiculous, appalling, or just soft?

Following their dominance and picking up a 2-0 lead, Liverpool lost their momentum, and Palace was fighting for an equalizer when Jota was taken down in the 85th minute by a stray ball.

The Portugal attacker was unsuccessful in flipping the ball over Guaita and looked to slightly alter the direction of his run before clashing with the Spanish goalkeeper.

Although there was no doubt about contact, Jota’s lunge towards the goalie sparked criticism.

“That is a horrible judgment,” Lineker said on his Twitter account. “That does not constitute a punishment.” “Never in a million years,” says the author.

Glenn Murray, a former Crystal Palace striker, stated on BBC Radio 5 Live: “I think Jota attempts to finish the opportunity, but he misses the ball, and the momentum leads him towards Vicente Guaita, with the ball then racing out of play.

Incredibly, Kevin Friend is even summoned over to the monitor, much alone is given the authority to make a penalty judgment. For me, it marred an otherwise excellent piece of football, but in the end, Liverpool dominated vast portions of the game and deserved to win as a consequence.”

Don Hutchison believed the ruling was “soft,” but it was still a penalty, a former Liverpool midfielder.


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