CES 2022 Predictions


Considering how bad 2020 and 2021 were compared to this week, I’m a little concerned that 2022 will be even more disastrous.

The Consumer Electronics Display (CES) will be the first significant consumer event of 2022, and I still believe it will be much too soon after the holidays for a show that makes you want to spend more money only days after examining the hole in our wallets from purchasing Christmas gifts to take place. However, it is also the largest consumer electronics expo in the United States. It has traditionally been a great location to see what is new in the industry for the following year.

This year, I will not be attending CES. Even though I have been vaccinated and bolstered, it is highly hazardous given the Covid increase. In general, I get the flu at CES every other year, even though I always receive the necessary vaccinations.

Because many participants will have just been with family members and not worn masks or isolated themselves — and will have embraced and shaken hands with many sick persons — the venue may be highly infectious this year. CES participants would be symptomatic around the conference and not self-quarantine, making it very dangerous for me to attend the meeting.

As a result, let’s speak about what I hope to see at CES, and then we’ll finish with my first product of the week for the year 2022. Dell’s Concept Luna laptop is the world’s first environmentally friendly laptop design.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has grown into a technology showcase for automobiles. You may learn about the plans of automobile manufacturers at this event. Since its inception, the event has included electric vehicles, sophisticated materials created using 3D printing technology, and many cars that fly rather than drive.

More trials, both with autonomous and flying cars, are expected to begin in the coming months, so I hope to see more of that at this year’s event, with a stronger emphasis on near-term execution and fewer “pie-in-the-sky” presentations.

The firms that manufacture these items are shifting their attention away from cost-cutting to revenue-generating goods, which means that what we see this year should be a lot more practical in the short term than in previous years. This year might also witness the introduction of the first Level 4 autonomous vehicle designs, which are highly likely to be developed.

During its keynote, Nvidia will indeed emphasize its simulation achievements and its computer brains for automobiles. However, the company will place a far greater focus on using its simulation tools to make robots for the home and business.

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This year, we should witness an increase in the number of digital assistants linked to Amazon Alexa installed in automobiles. This is significant for me since, at the moment, I find car voice interfaces to be completely ineffective.


As for robots, I anticipate that the event will include more of them than ever before, owing to significant advancements in robotics technology over a previous couple of years. The scarcity of staff and in-home caregivers is an essential factor in the evolution of this technology.

We will have improved robotic vacuums, robotic security goods, and drones, and we will witness the beginnings of the next generation of robotic pets shortly. As previously stated, Amazon is working on a mobile version of their Echo device. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an excellent venue for them to showcase what should be a complete offering that will launch in the first half of 2022.

This event is also planned to include robots that clean windows, assist with household chores, and give companionship to our older population, among other things. Almost all of them will be too scary for most of us, I’m sure. The uncanny valley dilemma, in which robots seem both too real and not accurate enough, has proved to be very difficult to solve in recent years.

At the expo, we anticipate seeing a significant number of drones with longer battery life on display, as well as more robust AI-driven capabilities and more straightforward methods to comply with drone-related legislation. Some anti-drone solutions may even be shown during the Consumer Electronics Show, but they are typically reserved for security-focused events held later in the calendar year.

VR/AR (Virtual/Augmented Reality)

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw multiple companies deploying robots to give telepresence experiences at CES, as mixed reality continues to hold out the prospect of going electronically rather than physically.

At the expo, attendees can expect to see much enhanced augmented reality and virtual reality headsets and accessories such as linked chairs that provide vibration, wind, and even fragrances to make the experience more genuine.

The Oculus Rift from Meta (Facebook) continues to be the most popular consumer virtual reality technology, while Microsoft’s HoloLens continues to be the most popular corporate virtual reality technology. I anticipate improvements for Oculus, but I believe Microsoft will hold off on announcing them until one of its events takes place next year.

The introduction of new controller alternatives that improve immersion and give touch will be followed by 2D treadmills that increase the realism of movement in a virtual world. Higher-resolution optics and lighter headsets are also expected to debut at CES 2022, resulting in a significantly more immersive experience overall.

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is where you can view the latest cutting-edge appliances. That’s when I first noticed Samsung’s linked Flex Washer & Dryer laundry system, which I later purchased for my family’s residence. Almost all of the appliances I now own are networked, and some, such as the Samsung refrigerator with a built-in internal camera, are useful.

With Amazon’s Alexa once again leading the way in connectivity — and other companies attempting to challenge Amazon’s capabilities and surpass Amazon’s abilities as they struggle to differentiate themselves — we can expect to see more of these integrated into home automation platforms in the future. However, the war will not be fought on such features as it will be won on standards. In this area, Amazon has what seems to be an insurmountable advantage in terms of interoperability.

The Personal Computers (PCs) on display at CES are solely geared at customers, and we expect to see several exciting gaming machines on display during the show. In recent months, there hasn’t been much discussion about virtual reality PC gaming, emphasizing instead being on conventional gaming. However, giant 4K screens in various layouts and more self-contained options are to be expected.

Intel is anticipated to make a big statement this year in response to the widespread opinion that the company is no longer competitive. I’m aware that it has collaborated with several companies, including the Dell Concept Luna Product of the Week, which you can see here.

One thing I’m looking forward to is a keyboard upgrade that will make use of the significant boost in Office 365’s predictive typing capabilities. The stretch required to reach the right arrow button is now too far for even my vast hands, resulting in a reduction in productivity. I expect at least one keyboard or PC maker to solve this issue at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year.

Televisions will begin to have 8K capability and increase the number of innovative TV features. Over time, they have evolved into a PC-like product, and high-end products, such as LG’s OLED TVs, are now running their operating system on their hardware (LG now uses the old Palm OS, called webOS).

Better wireless linking to your electronics, more energy-efficient designs, and more functions that allow for broader use of the TV (such as video conferencing or static images) are all possibilities, as is the next generation of rollable displays, which is still more than a year away from becoming widely available in the United States and other countries.

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Projection televisions continue to deliver ever-improving performance for those who can make use of them. The fact is that home theaters have become a less appealing home remodeling option in recent years, relative to home offices.

Wrapping Up CES is still the place to go to see what the near-term future of technology will look like, and it will be doing so in 2022 as well.

Due to my concerns about a possible mass infection. Instead, I will observe as much as I can from home and report what I think is noteworthy after the program.

Don’t forget to check out the automobile area, which has quickly become my favorite store portion. Recall that Covid will be everywhere about you, so keep your distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands often. You do not want to wind up in a Las Vegas hospital if you can help it if possible.

Not to mention the fact that I wish you have a pleased New Year!

Dell Concept Luna (Lunar Concept)

The Dell Concept Luna, which was introduced just before Christmas, is one of the most revolutionary laptops ever produced, and it is now available for pre-order. Even though it does not have cutting-edge technologies like flexible screens or inductive charging, it does showcase the most environmentally friendly PC design ever created.

It is supposed to be a vital component of PC as a service (PCaaS) and the anti-Apple laptop because it is designed to be readily repaired by anybody, thanks to its modular nature. It makes extensive use of recycled materials and is intended to be improved over time, either to meet the demands of the current user or to allow it to be handed down to subsequent generations. It makes extensive use of recycled metals and carbon fiber, as well as recycled polymers and even water-soluble glue, to make the motherboard more readily recyclable at the end of its proper life cycle.

Even though it is not yet for sale, it has become a demonstration of how much can be done to eliminate waste. According to the company, even the manufacturing process itself cuts carbon dioxide emissions by half. It is more durable, allowing it to remain in operation for a more extended and energy-efficient.

Dell’s Concept Luna laptop, which was developed with Intel’s assistance, represents the cutting edge of laptop design when it comes to sustainability – and as a result, it is my product of the week.

Repeat customers who can’t afford to buy a new laptop.


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